Helping Haiti Things to Know

By , January 16, 2010 4:11 pm

Things to know about helping Haiti.
Watch out for scams. Don’t open any email asking for help or donations for Haiti. If you want to donate go to a website like the Red Cross, The Salvation Army or UNICEF. Here are a couple reports about Online Charity scams.

Know Where to Donate. Here is a list of websites where you can make donations.

Texting donations might take longer to get to the charity.
Here is a list of Texting Donations for Haiti.
Red Cross: Text HAITI to 90999 ($10 donation)
Yéle Haiti: Text YELE to 501501 ($5 donation)
United Way: Text HAITI to 864833 ($5 donation)
Intl Medical Corps: Text HAITI to 85944 ($10 donation)
World Food Program: Text: FRIENDS to 90999 ($5 donation)
UN Foundation: Text CERF to 90999 ($5 donation)
Clinton Foundation: Text HAITI to 20222 ($10 donation)
Compassion Intl: Text DISASTER to 85944 ($10 donation)
Intl Rescue Committee Text: HAITI to 25383 ($5 donation)
The Salvation Army: Text HAITI to 52000 ($10 donation)

From Canada:
Salvation Army in Canada: Text HAITI to 45678 ($5 donation)

From the United Kingdom:
Disasters Emergency Committee: Text GIVE to 70077 (£5 Pounds)

From France:
French Red Cross: Text HAITI to 80222 (1 Euro)

More Information

Help for Haiti: Learn What You Can Do

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