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Bill Gates is thinking about our future

By , October 1, 2017 12:28 pm

The Atlantic interviewed Bill Gates about moving forward beyond fossil fuels. Gates is on a campaign to push the development of alternate entry sources and move away from coal and oil. To help he is committing $2 billion dollars of his own money.

In his offices overlooking Lake Washington, just east of Seattle, Bill Gates grabbed a legal pad recently and began covering it in his left-handed scrawl. He scribbled arrows by each margin of the pad, both pointing inward. The arrow near the left margin, he said, represented how governments worldwide could stimulate ingenuity to combat climate change by dramatically increasing spending on research and development. “The push is the R&D,” he said, before indicating the arrow on the right. “The pull is the carbon tax.” Between the arrows he sketched boxes to represent areas, such as deployment of new technology, where, he argued, private investors should foot the bill. He has pledged to commit $2 billion himself.

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