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Save 10 percent on All Microsoft Products 10-6 – 10-21 only

By , October 16, 2009 10:13 pm

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My Computer has a Virus. Wait I have a Mac, never mind.

By , July 18, 2009 1:02 pm

I don’t understand how people can fall for this. I was on my favorite weather site and I got a pop-up from my web browser stating that my computer is infected with a virus. The pop up stated to click OK to scan for viruses. OK people first thing first your web browser isn’t going to tell you that you have a virus. So don’t be fooled by this popup. I thought what the hell I’ll click OK to see what happens. Before I go any further I have a Mac and I’m using Safari as my web browser.

Pop-upAfter I clicked OK I got this window.

Windows Computer
My browser is showing me a Windows machine with a C Drive and a D Drive, a My Documents Folder, and a System Folder. After the scan was complete another window popped up showing me all the viruses I had on my PC. So I clicked the remove all button and 5 files were downloaded to my computer.

  • Setup-4f495e8_02003-1.exe
  • Setup-802_02003-1.exe
  • Setup-ad4d_02003-1.exe
  • Setup-f65_02003-1.exe
  • Setup-fdf2ec_02003-1.exe

OK People like I said before, your web browser will not tell you you have a virus. When this happen close your browser. You might have to open the Task Manager and click end task on your browser. Because the pop-up might try to download the software to your computer anyway. If it downloads the software DON’T INSTALL THAT PROGRAM,Select it and delete it. Once you deleted it empty your Recycling Bin just to make sure that you got rid of that file.

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