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Safari just sucks

By , November 8, 2010 11:44 pm

Apple keeps blaming Adobe Flash for its problems with Safari. I pretty much use all three major browser daily and Safari is the only browser that crashes daily when going to sites that have Flash. If it was a Flash problem why wouldn’t IE8, IE 9 or Firefox crash on the same sites? So every time Safari crashes I type in a nice little note to Apple in the Crash Report. I just wish they would read them and hit me back with a reply or somethings. So I know they were at least attempting to do something with those crash reports they get back from us. Here is the note I sent them today.

This is like the exa time that safari has crashed while I was checking on my fantasy┬áteam on please fix safari. it is worse than internet explorer… do you guys really want any of your product to suck more than a microsoft product? IE doesn’t crash this much. stop blaming flash and just fix safari… I don’t want make firefox my default browser but you are forcing me to do so. when I use firefox and IE they don’t crash when I go to, only safari. I’m not sure if you guys read these but it worth a shot. Plus if you do fix it you’ll stop getting these little stupid notes from me… ****** at

I hope they answer me one day… If you are wondering what an EXA is google it.

Google AdSense is starting to Suck

By , July 5, 2009 12:33 pm

OK Google’s AdSense is starting to piss me off. For the past few days it has been displaying PSA (public service ads) on my Home page. On all the other pages on my site they are putting normal ads on them. Why can’t they figure out whats on the Home page of my site. It basically the same thing that is on every other page on my site.

I think it is time to look for another ads system for my site. Yahoo Publisher is in Beta right now, maybe I’ll give them a try.

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